Thursday, February 6, 2014

Div7 gets a little bigger...

During the 2014 AGM it was voted that Div7 would:

  • Include boats as fast as PHRF 175, effectively including all of the active Div 6 boats.
  • Include the distance races Collingwood, Bowen, SOAR, Scramble and Lightship, requiring 3 to qualify, best 3 score.
  • Include the regattas Opener, Summer, Deep Cove, Howe Sound and Closer, requiring 6 to qualify, best 6 score, each day scored independently.
  • Low point scoring.
It should make for an interesting year!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Div7 Annual General Meeting

Thursday, January 16 @ 7pm 

at the 

Wicklow Pub

Up for discussion is the schedule, number of drops and the PHRF rating band for the 2014 year.

Kevin of Slingshot has proposed the following:
Distance:  3 to qualify, best 3 score

Regatta:  5 to qualify, best 6 score, each day independent.
Deep Cove
Howe Sound

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

TCYC New Years Day Race

"Let’s show ‘em how div 7 can party like animals and race like fiends.  It would be great to see a good showing from our div for the TCYC New Years Day race.  I’m there and rumour has it a certain Catalina 27 we never expected to see again is making a special guest appearance.  So get off you butts and start the year off with a brutal hangover and a good race."  
~  Kevin
Salus, leading the pack as usual...
(disregard those sails in the distance ;)
What better way to start the new year and work off the excesses of night before.  Salus, Sea Weasel, Silik, Slingshot and Ed agreed.  Light air, sunshine and relatively warm.

1. Slingshot
2. Ed
3. Salus
4. Silik
5. Sea Weasel

Discussing results at the Wicklow

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Deep Cove Regatta - Div7 Annual Cocktail Competition held in Hot Tub Boat

As always, Deep Cove is one of the best regattas, with no less than 11 Div7 boats racing, and the Hot Tub Boat, provisional PHRF of 438, warming at the docks.

A peaceful morning was spent floating about waiting for the wind to fill in, followed by 3 breezy races. Crystal Dolphin took the honors, followed by Ed and Surveyor.

Saturday evening was the inaugural Div7 Hot Tub Party and the much anticipated Div7 Cocktail Championship, which Sea Weasel handily won (well done Curtis!)

Sunday proved windless and racing was cancelled, which was disappointing, but perhaps also a relief for those crew members (and skippers!) who were not feeling their best...

Cocktail Championship:
Sea Weasel

Full Race Results:

Monday, April 8, 2013

VARC 7 Website Relaunch 2013

Hard at work bringing you the latest in 4-K-S-B news from the headquarters of Div. 7 in the heart of downtown Vancouver.
Since our good friend Niko, who maintained the online presence of Div 7 moved on to greener pastures we have lacked a formal web presence.  Into the void I was thrust by 'Abrams'.  He said, "Campbell, your writing on sailing is pure poetry and brings tears to my eyes. I am in awe of what an accomplished sailor you are and need you to lead our web presence."  Or at least that is what I heard.  In the coming posts myself and Adam (See below) my junior copy boy, hope to revitalize this site with the latest and greatest DIv 7 news, thought and opinion. 

We welcome all contributors and look forward to your patronage and support.  To contribute please email: 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman - start your old school outboards / single cylinder diesels and Atomic Bomb's ..................... the 2012 racing season has officially begun !!!

Actual FCYC Race Committee Member
The 4KSB / Div 7 racing season has kicked off with a bang in 2012 - two spectacular races over back to back weekends in April.
Special visit from last years 3KSB Champ - "Fat Ernie"

First up we had the Fasle Creek YC / Blast Sailing Spring Regatta on April 21st. New to the Div 7 schedule this year it was touted to be a single day regatta with as many "round the cans" type races as possible - it certainly delivered on it's promise.

Stomping on J-109's never gets old !

The fleet motored out into a relatively calm morning but the trusty English Bay thermal came through in spades and we all enjoyed spectacular sun and breeze all day long. The big boats got 5 races in while the Div 7 fleet managed to sneak in 4 races in a single day.

Team Ed conducting pre race "preparation"  AKA - smashing beers
Mardy showing us his latest party trick

A little more that half the fleet out came for the opening race with -Sea Weasel, Surveyor, Salus and the Div 7 rookie -  Wade on his C&C 30, Silik rounding out the fleet along with Ed. Rob on Crystal Dolphin ended up catching the mother of all flu's the night before the regatta so he spent most of race dace no further than 15 ft from a bathroom at all times - tough luck bud.

"The New Guys"

Still messing with the J's

The racing was tight all day and the RC did a great job of setting up separate finish line so that they could keep rolling new race starts as other divisions were still finishing. We topped it off with a kick ass party back at the FCYC - other then the $26 jugs it was a spectacular night followed by an equally impressive hang over............All in all just doesn't get much better !

Driving up a Beneteau First 50 - jsut another walk in the park.........

Spring Regatta Results 2012:



Catalina 27
Ty Abrams

Sea Weasel
Tyler Campbell

Catalina 27
Mardy Grossman

Ericson 27
Edward Estabrook

C&C 30
Wade Harrogate
7.0 DNF
7.0 DNS

Crystal Dolphin
C&C 26
Robert Smith
7.0 DNC
7.0 DNC
7.0 DNC
7.0 DNC

The second call to arms for the 2012 season was only a week later. The WVYC Halibut bank / Popham island island race has always treated the Div 7 fleet well. Over the past few years we have had more than ample breeze - one boat who will remain unnamed but who's initials are SEA WEASEL actually had to medi-vac a crew member off Bowen island after a spectacular wipeout ! - ha ha.

This year the pre race banter was about the lack of for casted breeze ............ low and behold the fleet was rewarded with a solid outflow coming out of howe sound. Most of the Div 7 regulars were in attendance - 2011 season champ Dusty Mauch, perennial contender Crystal Dolphin, Big Ed and what I will now refer to as the "S-boats" Salus, Sea Weasel, Surveyor and Silik were on the line for a full speed reachy start just south of passage island. The fleet stayed pretty close together for most of the trip out to the mark off Popham island - Dusty and the Dolphin favoured a deeper course away from Bowen while the rest of the fleet worked the Bowen shore a bit closer.  Most boats had to quickly drop the kite and switch back to whites once they passed Roger Curtis and got back into the outflow 5 - 10 knot breeze that took them to the mark in a light spring drizzle

The Dolphin and the majority of the former BC place roof he calls a spinnaker was the first boat to round with Ed hot on his heels follow by Dusty, Surveyor and "the S boats" - the rip home was a combination of beating + reaching to try and stay out of the negative current and keep the old girls moving when the winds went light. Low and behold the fleet was treated to the "lift that kept on giving" as most boats stayed on port tack the whole way back to the finish line and were slowly and surely lifted up to pin end of the line. The boats that tacked back towards Bowen ( ahem - Dusty ) paid the ultimate price even though it seemed like the right move given the strong ebb coming out of Howe Sound.

All in all a great day on the water with decent breeze and a great fleet. Back at the club the Deep Cove crews along with crews from Ed and Dusty smashed a few cocktails and collected some swag from the WVYC - all the while the long course guys were still out working their way home.

Popham Island Results 2012

ED Catalina 27 74341 WVYC Ty Abrams 215 150501 3:47:01 3:20:46 1.0
Crystal Dolphin C&C 26 74333 DCYC Robert Smith 221 151221 3:54:21 3:25:34 2.0
Surveyor Catalina 27 74380 DCYC Mardy Grossman 215 151526 3:57:26 3:29:59 3.0
Sea Weasel CS27 1425 VRC Tyler Campbell 221 151947 4:01:47 3:32:05 4.0
Dusty Mauch Peterson 25 19967 WVYC / VRC Edward Karadontis 221 152014 4:02:14 3:32:29 5.0
Salus Ericson 27 19735 SLYC Edward Estabrook 232 153148 4:13:48 3:39:23 6.0
Tarka Pacehip - Chance 32 19579 WVYC Hank Schut 205 162000 5:02:00 4:30:46 7.0
Silik C&C 30 16617 Jericho Wade Harrogate 200 163540 5:17:40 4:46:47 8.0