Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring is in the air

VARC Opener is March 28th.  Details here.

The bald eagle who nests in tree by Burrard Civic Marina

2015 Division 7 Calender and Scoring


The NOR is the authoritative source, but here is a recap of scoring.
  • No decals this year!
  • We are using the traditional "low point" scoring
    • winner gets 1 pt, second place gets 2, etc.
    • DNF = Number of boats that competed +1.
    • DNC = DSQ = Qualified boats in fleet + 2, or Largest DNF of the year+1, whichever is greater.
    • Boats attending a ‘no-wind’ event (day) with no starts will get credit for attending a qualifying event toward the series.
  • Regatta Series
    • Two-day Regattas will be scored as two separate events; each day will be considered a separate event for the purposes of the Regatta (and overall) series.  This does not apply to BOTY scoring. 
    • This gives us a total of 10 Regatta "scoring days"
    • Regatta series will score the best 6 Regatta events (days) if 7 or more events are scored  [or best 5 events (days) if 6 or fewer events are scored which will never happen]
    • Four Regatta drops
  • Distance Series
    • Distance series will score the best 3 Distance events for each qualifying boat.
    • Two Distance drops
  • Championship Series
    • To qualify for the Championship series a boat must compete in at least 6 events, including at least one Regatta and one Distance event.
    • A boat’s score for the Championship Series will be the sum of the best 8 events if 11 or more events are scored [or best 7 events if 10 or fewer events are scored which will never happen]
    • 7 drops (Yikes!)


Friday, December 5, 2014

2015 AGM

Over a few beers we more or less decided to keep things "as they were" for 2015.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

2014 Season Results


  1. Slingshot (also #2 for Boat of the year!)
  2. Crystal Dolphin
  3. Silik


  1. Slingshot
  2. Crystal Dolphin
  3. Surveyor


  1. Slingshot
  2. Crystal Dolphin
  3. Marbella

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Div7 gets a little bigger...

During the 2014 AGM it was voted that Div7 would:

  • Include boats as fast as PHRF 175, effectively including all of the active Div 6 boats.
  • Include the distance races Collingwood, Bowen, SOAR, Scramble and Lightship, requiring 3 to qualify, best 3 score.
  • Include the regattas Opener, Summer, Deep Cove, Howe Sound and Closer, requiring 6 to qualify, best 6 score, each day scored independently.
  • Low point scoring.
It should make for an interesting year!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Div7 Annual General Meeting

Thursday, January 16 @ 7pm 

at the 

Wicklow Pub

Up for discussion is the schedule, number of drops and the PHRF rating band for the 2014 year.

Kevin of Slingshot has proposed the following:
Distance:  3 to qualify, best 3 score

Regatta:  5 to qualify, best 6 score, each day independent.
Deep Cove
Howe Sound